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My challenge was to write a short introduction of a couple meeting for a blind date...I only completed a portion...

Sara looked outside of her small office at the rain pouring down outside. It was mid August, so the Midwest humidity was in the air.
She turned back around to look at her desk and the pile of suggestions she had to go through. She was 36 years old and single. She
worked as a community service and outreach librarian in the small town library.  Part of her job was to go over requests for new materials
and she had put off the large pile now in front of her. She picked up a few suggestions and started to read them.

She passed by the small mirror on her wall that was at an angle and showed if anyone was coming around the blind corner. The mirror showed that she was
5'1", and had 150 pounds of very thick muscle on her body. She wore a long skirt that hid her massive thighs, a sleeveless top showed off her huge arms that
were bigger than almost all men's. She turned back to her desk and took a drink of water from her water bottle. Her thick neck muscles flexed as she swallowed
3 long gulps. A large black fitness tracker was wrapped around her large forearm. Her short dark hair was tied in a 3 inch ponytail off the middle of the back of her head.

She put the suggestions down and sat down at her desk. She was scheduled to have a blind date that night right after work. Her friends were always trying to set her up.
She could see the small Thai restaurant down the block where she'd go meet the guy, a lawyer from across town.

Transmute Jun:
It's a good introduction to your MC, but there's nothing exciting... nothing to grab the reader. If you want to stand out, you need to make the first couple of paragraphs an immediate hook.

My suggestion would be maybe start with how she feels like she made a mistake. Something like:

Oh no. She hadn't just done that!

Yet the brightly lit screen on my iPhone didn't lie. She had meant to swipe left. But she had been distracted by the pile of new materials requests on her desk, and she had wanted to multi-task. After all, she wasn't supposed to be looking at dating apps while she was on the job.

A notification popped up in the center of her screen. Frustrated by her incorrect swipe, she tapped the lit button and made it go away, so that she could better understand the mess she had just made for herself. The guy wasn't her type at all: (insert description). Just looking at him gave her a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The ding of an incoming message popped up. From him. Could this get any worse? How was she supposed to tell him that her supposed interest was a mistake?

Looking forward to meeting you tonight.

What? To her horror, she realized that she had just dug herself into a deeper hole. Apparently, the notification she had so quickly dismissed had been a request for them to meet for a blind date at a Thai restaurant, just down the street.

What was she going to do now?

Okay, so I just tossed that together, and it may not be what you want at all. But it starts with an immediate 'crisis'... something to lure in the reader. After this kind of setup, you can spend a few paragraphs (as you have done) describing your MC.


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