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Cinemax attending?


With Cinemax airing original shows like Banshee, The Hunted and Strikeback, has anyone heard (or speculate) that any of these shows will be at SDCC this year? And if so, what would be the most likely days they would be there? I am a Comic Con newbie :)

I don't think they'll be attending as a channel but shows from the channel have been there.

Strike Back did a preview at a nearby theater last year and the girls from Femme Fatales had a booth and signing (or maybe that was WonderCon - don't remember).

Hard to guess what day they will be there. You'd probably need to follow the shows on Twitter or Facebook and/or follow cast members.

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Great thanks! I saw that Strikeback was there last year panel on Friday and screening on Saturday so I am hoping to get tickets for those days.....

To my suprise last year I ran into Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton of Strike Back on the Expo floor a few hours before their panel. They were handing out flyers to the Saturday screening and they spent time taking pictures and signing autographs. They were very nice to everyone and had the same chemistry as they have in the show.

I hope HBO/Max do something again this year with Strike Back and The Hunted - both great shows. My only hope is that they announce earlier and they plan their events on Thursday and Friday to avoid the clutter of Saturday.


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