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Re: Eats Around Comic Con
« Reply #960 on: July 29, 2022, 04:04:47 PM »
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We went to two places we hadn't been before:

  • Huntress:  A "mostly" steak place on 5th Avenue with Asian influences.  It was good, but probably too pricey for the average fan.
  • Il Sogno Italiano:  Italian, obviously.  The food was your standard Italian fare.  I had a pasta with bolognese sauce that I couldn't finish because of the huge portion.  I wouldn't go back because the noise level was very high given they had a live jazz band playing at full volume in the middle of the restaurant.  We couldn't talk and hear each other.

Besides that, I went to places I've been to before:  Seville (always satisfying), Water Grill (great seafood), and STK for a terrific steak dinner.   The latter made major improvements since 2019.

We tried Seville and also Il Sogno. Both were great. Agree on the high volume of the music played. Son and I did the 5 course meal at Seville and it was delicious. Had enough leftovers for another meal. I did have to ask them to turn down the music a tad bit.

Nobu on Saturday night is our tradition and it did not disappoint. Reservations have to be made a month ahead. The food is pricey but we had plenty and it was not as expensive as some of the other restaurants during the Con. Love this thread. Will have to remember to check it out before the next SDCC.
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Re: Eats Around Comic Con
« Reply #961 on: July 29, 2022, 05:45:02 PM »
For those that don’t have plenty unless I win tonight, We went to Bon Appetito in Little Italy. Best pasta I ate.

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Re: Eats Around Comic Con
« Reply #962 on: July 30, 2022, 07:04:59 AM »
We got takeout from Eggies for breakfast sandwiches:

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We also went here more than once for ice cream:

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Re: Eats Around Comic Con
« Reply #963 on: July 31, 2022, 02:18:34 AM »
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Did anybody discover any new (or new to them) spots this year?

I made it a point this year to go to places we hadn't been before, and we were mostly successful. First off, the one repeat this year was Tin Fish, since it won't be around anymore. I love me some fish and chips.

Roy's Restaurant - Okay, this isn't really new to me, since I've been to the one in Oahu and the one in San Francisco, but this was my first time in the Marriott location. The highlight, as always, was the Canoe for Two -- appetizer consisting of short ribs, a tuna roll, a lobster potsticker, and chicken spring roll. I had the butterfish, which is to die for. Oh, and our waiter comped us not one, but TWO desserts because of all the delays (she was super busy). I obviously tipped her extra.

Richard Walker's Pancake House - OMG, their baked pancake. So fluffy. So good. I'm officially breaking up with Broken Yolk. Richard Walker's is my new #1.

Bar Basic Pizza - We got a small meatball pizza, which was deceptively large, but super thin, and was just the perfect amount for two people. It was a great pizza, and I am definitely coming back.

Dog Haus - Good food, terrible service. I had the Bad Mutha Clucker chicken sandwich, which was a really good sandwich. The problem is, it took FORTY-FIVE minutes for our order to come. And I really don't understand why, because there was only like 3-4 other groups of people in the restaurant. It wasn't just us waiting forever for our food either. I did manage to get a free tater tots side, but it really didn't make up for the long wait. With the distance to the con, I'm not sure I'll be coming back.

Margaritas Kitchen & Cantina - a taqueria in Seaport Village. I had three tacos, two carnitas, and one fish. The carnitas tacos were a bit bland and dry, but the fish taco was most excellent. I'm definitely coming back next year for more of the fish tacos.

Skybound Coffee - My usual goto at SDCC is Lani Coffee -- which I did have 3x -- but I wanted to try other coffee places, and this was the first of two. I had an iced vanilla latté, which was pretty good, but my sister had a Skybound mocha, which we both agreed tasted weird. Certainly not like any other mocha we've had, and not really in a good way.

HOB Coffee -- We had their SDCC specials, for me, the Vecna's Updown Down Latté (Iced vanilla charcoal latte with raspberry cold foam), and for my sis, The Hulk Smash (Iced Pandan latté with Ube cold foam). We both loved both drinks. We're definitely coming back to at least check out their regular drinks.