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Preview night is a mystery to me. What does it entail? Is it just a walk through, or an introduction to the event? Are any of the booths actually open?

Please help! I am very excited for the event and can't wait to start planning for the event.

It's a way to preview the exhibition floor in slightly less crowded surroundings. There is typically a new show that gets previewed in Ballroom 20. No cast or anything but it's still cool to see some new shows.

You also get a good chance at some of the swag being handed out and/or can figure out where everything is located so you can go back for it if you missed out...

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It is also useful to take a very close look at the Exclusives list when it is released before the con. Last year, for example, the Peanuts Booth had the following special deal:

For the first time ever, purchase all of PEANUTS' exclusive Comic-Con products in one money-saving bundle!! The collection includes:
    - One exclusive, adult t-shirt
    - One exclusive, Tin Lunchbox
    - Complete set of three lanyards
    - Complete set of five exclusive buttons
    - "Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown" graphic novel

$60 per bundle ($75 value).  Preview Night only. Limit one per customer. 100 available.

I went directly to that line upon entering the Exhibit Hall and I was lucky enough to take advantage of the special deal. :) Other booths might offer other specials just for preview night.  It is most certainly a time to get your bearings for the vast scope of the Exhibit Hall and the convention center itself. It is massive!

Transmute Jun:
What the others said. ;)

Basically, it's your chance to check out the main floor without as many people. It's still crowded, but you can move. You can find out where all of the SWAG will be given, where the exclusives are being sold, etc. It puts you in a good place to get in the next day and know where you are going.

Often there are special deals or SWAG for Preview Night Only.

Last year they were running previews of new TV shows in Ballroom 20.

Sounds like a blast. Does Preview Night run all night?


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