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Transmute Jun:
Is it just me, or has the top half of the main forum board disappeared for everyone else too? I have refreshed the page multiple times. Tickets, Housing & Transportation, and CCI Posts are all missing, among others...

ETA  Just realized that WonderCon is missing too...

Yah, I don't see the missing forums when I'm logged in but I see them in guest mode...I'm not seeing any ads when I'm logged in either so maybe it's related to being a contributor?

eta:  okay I see them now, thanks!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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sorry abt that guys....i was adding you two to the 'donor' group (i can change that by the way if there's a better name) & permissions got a little wacked but they should be right now.  let me know if there's anything off

i'm trying to get the ad's vanished for you guys too

No worries!  BTW as far as I know I see all the forums and no ads (at this time) when logged in.   :)


I am gonna merge/move this thread out of the SDCC area shortly tho,


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