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When Nerds Attack is looking for Questions to ask CCI, Post 'um here

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Hi! Mario here from and I am happy to have found a forum full of eager posts from people looking forward to this year's Comic-Con.

Alyssa has agreed to let us have our own little space here and I would like to kick things off by inviting everyone to submit questions for the Q&A portion of an upcoming interview we set up with Comic-Con International's Public Relations team. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to the interview that I did last year in case anybody is curious.

Just one request, no questions about panels or the convention switching locations.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!

Transmute Jun:
Hi Mario, great to see you here!

I think for me, the number one question is, when is CCI going to realize that they can't please everyone? They drastically cut pre-sales of badges at last year's SDCC, because people were complaining that Preview Night had sold out in the 2010 Con pre-sales. But then they made everyone more miserable by limiting the 2011 pre-sales to a laughably low number of badges (2,500 badges * 4 days = 10,000 badges = 6.25% of the 160,000 available badges). This angered their core constituents: the people who have been attending the Con every year for decades. CCI needs to decide if they're going to make an effort to court 'first-timers' or be loyal to their core group of attendees.

Okay, I know that sounds antagonistic, but that's where I'm coming from. My suggestion is, ask them about pre-sales at the 2012 Con. Will they have more badges available? Will they use the Member ID system to allow everyone to repurchase their exact same badge? If so, what about children who are 12 but want to pre-register for a Junior badge next year (when they will be 13)?

Thanks so much for letting us 'help' you with questions!

Transmute Jun:
Ooh, another question! (LOL, I'll just fill up your suggestion board!  ;)  )

Obviously there are over-crowding issues with the Con, and far more demand than supply for tickets. Has CCI considered a dramatic increase in ticket prices (say, to $100 per day or some such) or possibly expanding the Con to a full week of events, allowing for more days, and therefore more badges to sell? If they have not considered these options, what are they planning to do to relieve over-crowding and excessive demand for badges?

Welcome to the forums, Mario!  Thanks for taking an interest in our community and making a thread for some awesome questions.

Here's a few:
[*]If it were ten years ago, would CCI have imagined that San Diego Comic-Con International would become this much of a success in the present day?  Why or why not?
[*]What was CCI's impression of (or reaction to) the 2012 badges being sold out online in a record time of 90 minutes?[/list]

These are some fine questions. I will email what we have on Wednesday and hopefully the next week I'll have the answers.

Question: When I present these should I label the name of the questioner or not? Like, "Zero from asked..."


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