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Yes, we are all nerds/super heroes but what do you guys do in the real world for a living? Let the compulsive lying begin!!!

Transmute Jun:
My name is Sheldon Cooper and I am a physicist at Cal Tech...

Okay, seriously, no. But I am on faculty at a Cal State University. Not in physics, though. ;)

I recently graduated not too long ago, so right now, I work part-time as an ESL/EFL teaching assistant at UC San Diego Extension (which is located on the main university campus).  At the moment, I'm going through interviews to get a public school teaching position in Japan or Korea, so I hope I did okay. ^_^ 

I also staff for a few anime conventions, so I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work for that as well.  (I'm not looking forward to creating the programming schedule... >__<; Ha ha.)

I work for a large computer hardware and software manufacturer.

I actually am a crime fighter!


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