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For introducing many of us to Billboard Magazine, for enlightening many an eighties weekend (Saturdays, America's Top 10 and Sundays, American Top 40) with terrific music that you made sure we got to relive via the ingenious American Top 40 Flashback shows, for all those long distance dedications (even the dying dog rant one), for the voice acting, for sharing your gifts with us: thank you sir, and enjoy a well-earned peaceful rest.

Long Distance Dedication:

Gwynn died Monday of oral cancer. He saw 54... I never met him in person, but when I stayed in San Diego in the eighties I did see him play. He played his whole career with the San Diego Padres.. A career .338 batting average and won eight batting titles.  Gwynn was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2007 with 97% of the vote. His number 19 jersey was retired by the Padres.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Miss Kitty:
The town of San Diego is in a state of mourning. Well, at least yesterday. It was very somber and like a ghost town.

Keith Olbermann got it exactly right:

RIP, Mr. Padre.  O:-)

Transmute Jun:
This was very sad for me since Casey was a big part of my childhood. He voiced the lead character in my favorite TV show, which pretty much ruled my life for a few years... and has shaped my current online presences now.


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