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Compiled List of Comic-Con 2012 Exclusives

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I decided to compile the exclusives we know about into a list since there's a little over 50 exclusives now. It'll be updated regularly. I haven't finished including all of the Hasbro Exclusives since I like finding reliable sources for the items.

I posted the PDF version. I'll be posting the Excel version later that's can be sorted. I also have a reg text-only version of the exclusives. All of which will posted at a later date. Have fun with the PDF for now tho :)
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Oh, nice work!  That's awesome, tehlilone!  Thanks for sharing with us. ^_^  (I'm impressed--it has colors and images of the exclusives as well.)

Transmute Jun:
This is a great idea! Thanks so much for doing this!  :-*

Great work!  Thanks

right now the speculator in me thinks the Michonne figure will be the hottest item of the con.

I would expect it to be for sale in dealer booths for $75-100 by the end of the con.


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