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Compiled List of Comic-Con 2012 Exclusives

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Awesome thanks!

Bert Su:
I'm interested in the exclusive Transformers at Comic Con and Figuarts Dragonball Z Gohan. If Bluefin is going to have an exclusive Gundam, I'll buy that as well.

I will sticky this topic as a valuable resource for this year's exclusives.  Thanks again for putting this together, tehlilone! ^_^  Keep up the amazing work.

This is so cool. Thanks for posting!

You're welcome guys :) I've updated it tonight. Right now we have about 68 exclusives on the list (The Kidrobot exclusives aren't separated yet though). I'm not sure if I got everything so just shoot me a PM if you notice what I'm missing. I also know that I'm still missing the Hasbro Star Wars exclusives, I just haven't gotten around to those since everyone knows about them and I want to find the best source article with info.


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