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11:15-12:15 Supernatural Screening and Q&A-Series stars Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th [2009]) and Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine 3D), recurring guest stars Misha Collins (Ringer), Jim Beaver (Justified), and Mark A. Sheppard (Battlestar Galactica), executive producer Jeremy Carver (U.S. version of Being Human), and consulting producer Ben Edlund (The Tick) return to Hall H to answer questions from the audience about what's in store for the eighth season of this thrill-ride series. Fans will also see an exclusive video presentation featuring series highlights, as well as a portion of the special features from the upcoming Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season DVD and Blu-ray release, in stores September 18. The eighth season of Supernatural will premiere in October on its new night, Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW. The series is produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television. Hall H

...Why did it take me so long to start this thread?!

Okay, as some of you have already surmised, I'm a huge HUGE SPN fan. I only started watching the series last year when Glee (my then-obsession) started to go downhill, because one of my friends wrote this (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) in an extremely successful attempt to get me into the fandom.

I now blame her forever more for ruining my life.

In the meantime I'm wondering if there are any other SPN fans around. Any of you planning to make it for the SPN panel? Any SPN cosplayers out there? Fic writers? Artists? Any fan recs to share?

Do you spend Friday nights overwhelmed by FEELS, like this?

If so, come on up and introduce yourself! AND DON'T FORGET THE SALT.

I'm a casual follower of the series--I usually forget to watch it on TV, but it's mainly due to the fact that I don't get reception for channel that airs the show on local, digital television.  (Ha ha.)

To anyone joining in on the thread:
So, who is your favorite character in the show, and what's your favorite episode?  Why?

Friends of Comic Cons:
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A lot of why I follow the series is because Bobby Singer's way of thinking resonates so well with how I see the world (Jim Beaver, i.e., and not the exec prod). The tragicomedy-aspect of the show that revolves around his character is what makes me come back to the series everytime. If anyone should be allowed exclusively to drop f-bombs on syndicated tv, I feel that honor should go to that magnificent messed-up older-than-dirt perfectionist. Wish the world had more people of his caliber around, a defender of lost causes.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginSo, who is your favorite character in the show, and what's your favorite episode?  Why?

--- End quote ---
Holy crap if I really had to expound on this I would crash the forums with a manifesto of my feelings for Castiel, How I Used To Be A Dean Girl But Not Anymore, why I am disappointed with Sera Gamble's take on the show, my favourite fanfics and why (this would result in my computer short-circuiting on account of the massive outpouring of snot and tears) and of course, my favourite moments on the show.

I especially love the ones with Gabriel in it, especially Mystery Spot and Changing Channels. Oh gods, the Herpexia ad!! I also love all the meta episodes, especially the one where Dean and Sam attend their first SPN convention and meet all the fans and cosplayers. It was a fantastic way for the show's producers to give a shout out (and poke fun) at the fandom. The scene where the boys discover the frightening world of slash fic probably indulged every fic writer's (I admit to being one) personal fantasy - I mean come on, at some point we much have gotten off imagining our the characters reacting to the fandom and our stories about them. :P

The French Mistake was also comedic gold, there were so many awesome scenes - Dean and Sam's "acting", Misha crying and getting his throat slit, Sam finding out that he's married to Ruby Who's Not Evil etc.

And then there are the episodes that made me curl up and weep: A Very Supernatural Christmas, The End (cue the epic Castiel .gif to convey my feelings), On The Head of A Pin when Dean realises that he broke the first seal, Reading Is Fundamental when Cas was remembering who he was (AND THOSE MEMORIES STARTED WITH DEAN ;___;), The Man Who Would Be King, Swan Song and Death's Door. Sigh. The road to hell is really paved with good intentions, and I feel that it's one of the biggest themes of tragedy in SPN, where its characters are perpetually entrapped in a vicious cycle of self-sacrificing acts.

My favourite arc was that of the apocalypse, it felt that everything in the first few seasons was building up to the End of Days and fulfilling the prophecies. In that respect a part of me wished the show ended on a high at S5 with that deliciously ambiguous twist regarding Chuck. S6 and 7 felt a bit like they were stretching things out and flogging a dead horse, and I don't even want to talk about how disappointed I am with the Leviathans as the primary season villain. 

I'm watching this season's episode The Girl With The Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo again. The Charlene Bradbury character (Felicia Day) discreetly blaring "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves on her headset, naive to any goings-on in her immediate proximity. Stieg Larrson, may he rest in peace, is such an inspiration!! Thank you iTunes! :)


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