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Real Canadian superDAVE:
Some footage of the new Manta ride at Seaworld:

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Something to do before or after Comic-Con? (Or during, if you don't have badges for all the days.)

Transmute Jun:
We're actually planning on going the day after Comic Con (on the Monday). We extended our stay at the Marriott Marquis by one night for that reason.

I would suggest going midweek since the weekend is pretty busy. I know, it's about a mile from my house. SeaWorld is cool though, especially if you've never been to an aquarium, or seen sea animals up close. Not really a place to go for just rides though, hopefully Manta is better than the Atlantis ride. Atlantis isn't bad though, more of a Disneyland style ride than SixFlags style though FYI.

Another good place to check out if you're coming to Pacific/Mission Beach area (other than the beach itself, or course)

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Transmute Jun:
That looks pretty cool too! Thanks for the recommendation!


Lots of other videos on youtube too


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