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Company had a bad quarter so they are keeping this year's holiday party low key. Last year we had the party at the new 49ers stadium, which was very cool. Good food and generous bartenders in a swanky part of the stadium that I will never see normally. At one point I met a guy in sales who was involved with the rollout of a product I worked on, and who looked remarkably like Dennis Hopper. He was upset with some of the management and got more and more heated as we talked, but the more upset he got the more he looked and sounded like Dennis Hopper. So I just kept ordering us drinks and egging him on, getting happier and happier because it's just like I'm getting yelled at by Dennis Hopper! So awesome. Then his wife came and took him away.

For overplanning, I tend to get obsessive with any trip I go on, especially road trips. I'll look up every place we go through, read up on restaurants, historical sites, stuff like that. I wasn't always this way, but a while back my wife and I had a getaway to SF. I had just started reading The Maltese Falcon and realized that the opening scene takes place in a tunnel that was right next to the hotel we were staying at. Now I can't get enough of that kind of thing.

It has been so busy at work lately that I haven't been able to uber-plan. We drove to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving (Oh I-35, how I despise you!), and I felt so off because I didn't even do a packing list (DH was shocked). At least where visiting family is involved-it's usually more about their schedule, so I did okay. DH did more planning than I did (he does the turkey day cooking).
As far as SDCC, I haven't bought my plane tix yet, because it seemed expensive. I am going to stalk the prices and buy after Christmas. It's driving me crazy though.
For Dragon Con in September, I will also try to wait on plane tickets (hotels are, as always, locked down super early!) Last year, we almost went last minute because the Hilton opened up, and I tried for plane tickets and got a really really cheap rate to Atlanta. Since we splurged a little on the hotel, we want to save some money on the flight.

ETA-I think planning for the next con is one way to fight off post Con depression. That may have something to do with my need to plan early! :)

I exchanged Christmas gifts with some friends last night. We went to an English style pub - I had the bangers and mash. I got gift cards - Tim Hortons, Best Buy, Boston Pizza.  I gave books. (I have started only giving books as presents. For my nieces and nephews I will either give a graphic novel or a book and put a note in it that they can read it when they are teenagers/young adults. Sometimes I'll include something with the book - tee shirt, hat, gift card, etc.)

I already used the Best Buy gift card last night on the Taken King for Xbox One. It was $49.99 plus taxes - so around $57. When I got home though, one of my PSN friends told me that since I have Destiny for PS4 I can download all the expansions from the Playstation store for $39.99 no taxes. So I am going to return it today. 17 bucks is 17 bucks.

I think I am going to have dim sum for lunch today :)

to give you an idea of where i come from, this is my mom's Christmas card..... and a good opportunity to steal it & wish everyone a happy holiday

Your parents are cool people, Alyssa!


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