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The Gossamer:
Yeah the "free hugs" people could rip you off and besides all the ones I've seen are not hug worthy!

I've also heard of badges being pulled off of people in a crowd. 
My son's plastic holder got shredded during the last con.  Next year I'm going to reinforce it with packing tape & two lanyards. 

The Gossamer:
Another area not discussed in the above list is attending panels and line forming. Read the schedule in your programming guide and the updated schedule changes that are posted daily around the con entrances and upstairs near the rooms. You might miss a panel not realizing it was moved to a different time slot or room or even canceled.
Many of the panels require early line up and the super popular ones typically held in ballroom 20 and hall H require dedication to attend so you must in line really early to ensure you can see the panel. Don't expect to waltz up to the door 15 min prior and get in do to full capacity. 
Plan ahead your own personal schedule for the days you attend so you do not get turned away from the panel.
In regards to lines at the booths it can become utter chaos since most times there is no one supervising the lines. Do not assume the line is short and jump in. Most times the line is split in segments. Ask the last person if this is the end of the line.

Great thread! This is all very important stuff even for people who have attended SDCC before. It's so easy to forget things when you get caught up in all the excitement. One thing that really helped me was to pack cheap, light food to eat at the Con. I packed a lot of granola bars before getting to San Diego and they really came in handy, especially when I found out how expensive it was to get food delivered to the motel, lol (no transportation)... and really the restaurants in the Downtown aread majorly jack up their prices because they know hungry people will be desperate! Cafe Diem is great for the experience, but is it really worth $20+ per person for dinner?  ???

Also I think what another poster said about planning, planning, planning-- very important! I planned everything out this year ahead of time and it made things run a lot smoother, compared to the first time I went-- it took half an hour to walk from one side of the Convention Center to the other and I didn't make it into any of the panels I wanted to. Printing out the schedule and highlighting what you want to do, even before you get to the Con, is really helpful in prioritizing everything. Also having a back-up plan will inevitable come in handy!

The Gossamer:
To expand on TrustNo1 post. Yes you should have a back up plan when you are the standing outside hall H waaayyy in the back and have no hope reaching the door in 30 min before the panel starts. I keep my options open for other smaller less crowded panels near the same time or maybe just take a lunch break at that time. Other times I'll use the "free time" to browse the art auction or other areas of the con that I never seem to get to.
It does take quite a bit of time to traverse to convention floor from one end to the other so allow extra time for that. Even the outside sidewalks are always crowded with shuttle drop offs, people hanging about and others rushing to the panels like you.


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