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Trailer Park, Hall H, 11:30-12:30

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Added to Hall H:

A Comic-Con tradition comes home to Hall H! See the latest in trailers from your upcoming soon-to-be-favorite films, including some in that new-fangled 3D contraption (glasses provided, but please give them back as you exit the hall). Hall H

So Twilight isn't the first thing in the morning now.


Friends of Comic Cons:
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Now I'm really hoping this means the other days are jampacked since this used to be a filler in between bigger panels.

Transmute Jun:
Yeah, it seems odd that it's first thing in the day, before Twilight. Do they realize it will be a hall full of Twihards?

I was wondering if those trailers were the same than those of Saturday (Trailer Park I and Trailer Park II) ?
And are the two Trailer Park of Saturday the same ?


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