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Last year, the Indigo ballroom line for the Saturday line-up was super-long out along the backside of the convention center near the water.

Was one of my favorite panels of the weekend this, was so much fun. Next year they could just put Joel, Nathan and Matt up there and it'd be just as good.

Didn't queue at all either, but was in there several panels before, but Attack of the Show, Geek & Sundry and Nerdist all had good panels too.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I waited an hour or so before the fist panel and was about 40% back.  The wait was unncessary; people who just showed up for the panel prior entered without much of a wait at all

This was also one of my favourite panels ever. Joel McHale and Nathan Fillion stole the show with their witty banter and I was pleasantly surprised to see Jasika Nicole from Fringe as well!

I lucked out on this panel because I got in about 15 minutes before this, and the panel usher somehow gave me and my best friend seat in the 5th row! We then moved up to 2nd row after that panel so I was way up front for Shameless and Glee later on :)


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