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Your Conflicts of Interest, Sunday Only

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What difficult choice do you have today?


My decisions include, sleeping in? Chilling in Hall H to learn something new? Hunting down swag that the booth is trying to dump before close? And/or going to the talkback.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I'm hoping they do a signing for Who again this year, as I'd rather try for that than do the panel again - if they don't, I'll probably just do the Merlin panel, as every year I think, that sounds fun, and then opt for bigger panels instead that usually disappoint me.

This and Thursday seem pretty meh to me, and then Friday/Saturday are just JAM PACKED.

Same for me, too. Thursday and Sunday I'll be running around looking for swag (especially those last 2 hours on Sunday).

Merlin or Young Justice in the morning is my only conflict.
The rest of the day we will be checking out the floor & shipping stuff home.


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