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My photos from 2018 SDCC Closplayers, Celebrities, Exhibits All around the Con

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you took some great pic it brought back some memories and it made me realize there are so many things to see that i missed

Great photos, good to see what was up last year as I it was a skip year for me. Marvel photo shoot is great, wish they setup and advertised photo shoots in the guidebook.

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--- Quote from: Darth_Primus date=1538898762242 ---Here are my pics from this years SDCC  ;D

SDCC 2018 - DAY 1:  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

SDCC 2018 - DAY 4: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
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--- End quote ---
Nice pics.I just joined this platform now and will be sharing my pictures pretty soon.  ;)

Thanks for sharing with us

[member=830]Darth_Primus[/member] - Wow... really nice pics!  You sure went just about everywhere, and your pics took me there, too!  Thank you.   :)

Thanks!   I really approach every SDCC as if it were going to be my last, because it could very well be the case with the lottery system in place. So, I try to cover as much ground as possible while I'm there.   My general rule of thumb is to never get into a line that will take more than 2 hours and only hunt for SDCC exclusives for the first two hours of the day. 


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