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I am working on submitting my panels, and I am wondering if anyone here is into anime/manga? I am submitting at least one panel related to that and may have room for additional panelists beyond my regular group - particularly if you've watched some of the anime that is on Netflix.

Also wondering if anyone is Korean and watches/open to watching K-dramas. There is a potential panel related to some K-dramas and it would help widen our perspective and depth to the panel to have Korean(s) on the proposed panelist list who would be panelists if the panel is selected.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Demon Slayer.. please.. :) and off course Squid Games.

Sorry I am definitely not panelist material, but I would love to know more about your panels. I love k-dramas and dabble in anime as well. Please do update us when you are allowed to do so!

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Jesse O:
Fan panels have always been a mysterious and dark corner of SDCC for me. I would love it if FoCC folks who do panels would share them here this year. I’m always happy to expand my horizons.


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