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Transmute Jun:
I just heard from the press people at NBC/Universal/SYFY. They said that they will not be bringing The Ark or Resident Alien to SDCC. :(  However, they did say that they would be bringing a Quantum Leap panel this year.

Ooh, bummer about The Ark!

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Resident Alien is perfect for SDCC, that is a bummer.

Transmute Jun:
I agree, both The Ark and Resident Alien are perfect for SDCC. I had fun at the Resident Alien panel last year (even got to ask a question).

At least Quantum Leap means that they aren't skipping altogether. It seems that some of the studios that are 'skipping' are still bringing TV properties. 

sucks about the ark and resident alien

we like Quantum Leap, so that is good news.


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