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Is anyone planning on staying overnight in the Hall H line for Saturday's panel?

Only the first white chute is full now. Walk-ins look extremely likely. People are still required to go through the metal detectors near the back of the chutes before joining the line. The first Hall H panel of the day was canceled. The first panel starts at 12:15 p.m. No word yet on when the line will move from the white tents into Hall H.

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I decided to do a token panel today.  I picked Hall H since it was "Star Trek Universe".  How bad could it be?  Really bad it turns out.  I trekked all the way from the Marriott to Hall H.  There was no line at all.  There was no need to go through a metal detector.  It was wide open.  There was no panel.  It was a showing of Star Trek Strange Worlds.  Not an advance preview of an episode that wouldn't come out for months, weeks or even a day.  It was the current episode of Strange Worlds that anyone can watch at home shortly after the panel ended.  What's the point?  I guess if you needed to sit somewhere to take a break, why not?  But not really what I would call Hall H material.  The funniest thing was they still admonished people not to make recordings.  Why would they want to?  They could just watch it on their phone or laptop.  I guess people were hanging out waiting for the Shatner Panel.  I quickly left.

I decided to give Ballroom 20 a try.  Surely, there must be a decent panel there.  There wasn't.  Same old same old.  They were just playing video.  Spike and Mike in this room.  I didn't even go in.  I saw everything I needed from the door.

I ended up at the Scott Shaw panel.  That was my token panel for this con.  I normally see him at comic fest but that didn't happen this year.  So it was a good substitute.

At the Star Trek panel, they buzzed about an “exclusive” poster of an upcoming musical episode. Instead of giving out tickets for it to just those in attendance, they said you had to go to the booth. Anyone could grab them.  It was a madhouse.

Yeah most "big" panels were just screenings with a rep making an announcement on a date drop and maybe a panel giveaway swag. At least with What We Do in the Shadows we got an episode a week early, Futurama and Archer we got episodes many weeks early. Good Omens only by a few days. But at least the swag for Shadows, Archer and Omens was cool.  Ticketed at the panel. Futurama actually did have a handful of producers talking about the show so that was a proper panel at least.  Nothing for Futurama outside of a few giveaways to a handful of people asking questions to the producers.

Shame about Star Trek panel (and who bothered to go to the Call Me Bill panel with no Shatner attending?)  Crazy they did the hand out at the booth- boy do they have to learn.  I never saw this musical poster only the standard one for the photo op.  I think the best Trek Giveaways were the 5 different pins at The Lodge offsite but god help you trying to get in to those. Times like that when the scalpers really earn thier money lol.


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