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Please Join Us in Welcoming SteveD to the Role of Admin!!!

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Please join me & jopari in welcoming [member=3710]SteveD[/member]  to the role of Admin!

Folks who have only been around for a short time, have run across SteveD's **helpful** hotel posts! He's been getting a feel for the back end of the forum software for little over a week.  We had a long chat outlining the system and where we'd like to go. We look forward to his  additional set of skills and assistance in problem solving!!!

Both [member=1233]jopari[/member] and I are sincerely thrilled to welcome him into the new role of Admin.

//jopari has promised to be nice ;) during the 'break in' period and will try not to scare him into quitting! ;p

Transmute Jun:
Welcome, SteveD! I know that you will do an awesome job!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Welcome [member=3710]SteveD[/member]!!!

Hi, [member=3710]SteveD[/member]!  Welcome!

Welcome [member=3710]SteveD[/member] !


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