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TENET - Nolan's latest plowing ahead to open in theaters

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I don't go out except for food and medicine.  So I won't go.  But I have seen a lot of movies in theaters where there were just a few people there.  Including a few where I was the only person there.  Now with online seat selection, it's possible to see how full the theater is.  If there are only 5 people......


ALL of you should now answer "NO" since TENET has been moved back a couple of weeks.  I still think there's a better-than-average chance this will be pushed back further, given how many states are spiking as of the first 3rd of June (including CA, which features some major markets for the film industry that are NEEDED for this film to be financially viable).

Immediately after WB announced TENET moving, they also announced WONDER WOMAN 1984 would move from August-October, along with other dates that were bumped. This caused a slew of other films to push back their release dates as well.  So far all but Disney's late-July MULAN have moved, with many industry insiders speculating Disney will move the film to Disney+.  Though with a $200 million budget, I have my doubts - that's a _LOT_ of money for Disney to just 'eat' by dumping it to free/subscription streaming: especially with "The Mandalorian" Season 2 still on track for an October release, and Marvel's "Falcon and the Winter Solider" and "WandaVision" finishing filming, it feels like Disney+ has several "must-see" properties dropping seasons in the near future.

At this rate, it doesn't seem implausible to have a discussion "are tentpole films a thing of the past for awhile?"  I mean, we won't have a vaccine for at least 12 months, and that's if scientists are miraculously 4x faster getting a vaccine developed and ready for circulation than the previous record of 4 years (for The Mumps).

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Tenet hitting digital and physical on 15th December.

Anyone actually seen it yet?


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