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Chevy Bolt lease

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This is kind of a weird post, and it'll probably read like "hey look what I great deal I got." But it's one of those stars-are-aligning kind of things so I figured I would share in the off chance it helps out someone else. Otherwise look what a great deal I got :)

We have been leasing a 2017 Bolt and are returning it next week, we had planned on going without a 2nd car for a while but then I randomly saw an article about the current incentives. Some of them are of course region specific, etc., but if you are in the market it might be worth checking out what is available where you live, especially if you are a Costco member.

I can also answer any questions about driving one, seriously, random people ask me all of the time.

For us, there was:

$3,000   bonus from Costco
$5,750   GM national lease incentive
$1,500   bonus from Chevy if currently leasing a 2015 or newer GM vehicle
$1,400   bonus for people in the San Francisco area

with all that, we were offered a $0 down, $181 per month 3-year/36K mile lease for a 2020 Bolt. There is also a $800 rebate from PG&E and a $2000 rebate from the California CVRP thing which effectively brings it down to $103 per month, $3716 overall.

i was all set to delet this until i saw it was really you LOL
congrats on the deal

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congrats on the deal

--- End quote ---

I should have put it under the Deals thread :) I normally wouldn't post something like this here but it's a really low price.

If I start making posts about mortgage rates or something send help.

That is an insanely good deal, congrats.

Picking it up tomorrow :) I do have to say, doing all of the dealership stuff online was much less painful than the old way.


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