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Flash Fearless .vs the Zorg Women - Question


You know about the record, and the comic, and the cancelled theater production.  There was also a "opera" broadcast on King Bisquit radio hour in 1975 which featured the songs on the record with a comic book story line spoken in-between the selections.  The story line was "astronauts" such as Flash and Swede traveling in their space ship, who were lured to and captured on the Zorg Women planet and imprisoned to become breeding stock.  Unfortunately, artificial insemination breeding stock.   Anyway, I happened to be listening in 1975 and recorded the performance off the radio on cassette.  Decades later, I don't know what happened to the cassette, and tried to look online for clues.  It's in the King Bisquit index and apparently existed on reel to reel tapes commonly distributed to radio stations for broadcast.   But it is not among the titles made available that you can buy or download from whomever now owns the media.  Probably because it's too obscure, and would require too many artist clearances mostly from British musicians who are probably embarrassed they were involved in the production.  I figured I would ask "comic book people" who tend to know a lot about these kinds of things.   

Not sure if it's the same one but looks like you can buy it on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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