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Media in the Age of COVID: recommendations please


I was gonna post something in another thread, but thought one centralized place could be beneficial.  Mods, if this is in the wrong joint move/delete/whatevs.

Today I watched IN & OF ITSELF, a film that's the recorded Broadway performance of (INCREDIBLY) magician Derek DelGaudio.  The show feels like a 'magic' show/TED talk that strives to answer the thought "I AM..." and revolves around perception vs reality: or what others may think 'we are' vs who we really are.  It's heavy, but in an easily-digestible way and is the only 'magic' show that made me laugh & cry (and sit in awe at some of the tricks, to be honest).  I wrote a bit about it in the 'Movies/TV' section. 

But it got me thinking:

What are some bits of media that you've found to be helpful during this pandemic?  Like, what have you found uplifting; what has brought you a ton of joy during these times?  IN & OF ITSELF is one for me, as well as the Apple+ series "Ted Lasso," and probably "The Good Place."  "The Good Place" ended its 4-season run right before the pandemic started, and revisiting it's final season I was reminded how beautifully the show wrapped up the afterlife and the philosophical meaning of life and our purpose in the universe.

What do you recommend?  Shout out what you've found to lift you up during these trying times:

Here are few "positive" Netflix TV shows that I enjoyed the last few months:

* Kim's Convenience
* Cobra Kai
* The Uncanny Counter
* The Chef Show
I watched Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories a while back...but if you haven't, I recommend this (one of my faves).

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I was thinking of posting something similar as I've found that I have to watch an hour of fun stuff or listen to music every day to stay sane in the face of the evening news.

YouTubing Among Us streams is really funny.  I like the Valkyrae/Corpse/Sykunno ones with proximity chats are good or just Youtube "among us babushka".

Queentofu Resident Evil YouTube's are also fun.  Fair volume warning:  she screams at the jump scares.


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