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RoseCityComicCon IN-PERSON, SEPT 10-12, 2021 PORTLAND, OR

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Tickets on Sale march 15 at the above link

--- Quote ---Coronavirus Update – Feb 2021

Following the advice of industry, government, and health authorities, we are planning Rose City Comic Con as an in-person event this September. We do not want to dismiss the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to be a severe medical issue, and we wish to thank all the doctors, nurses, and scientists who have fought against it for a solid year. And it is because of this hard work and the growing success of vaccination programs that we believe the world will be a healthier place by fall/winter.

We are hopeful to bring fans together again to celebrate our community at Rose City Comic Con and are working closely with the Oregon Convention Center and local officials to adhere to the most up-to-date safety technologies and recommendations, and as the state of COVID-19 continues to rapidly change, look for further important updates from us, as well as our full reopening plan in the lead up to this year’s show.

And as we look forward to a time where we can gather again, we – of course – want to state we will only hold the convention if we can safely. Again, though, we are seeing major advances in the fight against coronavirus, and we trust there will be further victories in the months ahead.

Until then, please do your part. Please stay safe, wear a mask, and get vaccinated when you can. And we hope to welcome you to Rose City Comic this year.
--- End quote ---

I have tickets. I bought them during the presale in December because I wanted to have something to look forward to and this one looked like just about the first realistic possibility. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI have tickets. I bought them during the presale in December because I wanted to have something to look forward to and this one looked like just about the first realistic possibility. Keeping my fingers crossed.

--- End quote ---
i have to admit thinking about going to this one

…and that’s a wrap!

Review to follow shortly.

Rose City Comic Con 2021 took place September 10-12. They are usually this time of year so they only missed 2020 and did not have to reschedule 2021. I have only been once before, in 2015, which was when they were still only two days, and before they were acquired by Leftfield Media.

COVID-related measures were proof of vaccination (or negative test) and masks. The vaccination requirement was announced 11 days before the show, which appeared to have been due to a requirement by Metro (a regional city governing organization.) Nearly all of the comments on their Facebook page were supportive of the requirement. A few people grumbled, but not too many. On the other end, there were also a couple very vocal people who wanted the con to get canceled, some of which crossed the line into trolling (i.e. someone replied to every single RCCC announcement with the meme that says “Coronavirus likes this” ::) ) But fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the event went on with precautions. For vaccination or proof of negative test, you only had to show it once and they gave you a wristband. Mask compliance from attendees was pretty much 100%. Panelists were not required to wear masks; most of the main stage guests did not, but about half of the smaller panels did.

The convention had a good turnout, but it was not packed like sardines. 2015 was probably more crowded, although attendance-wise I think it was similar since they used the entire convention center (they didn’t in 2015) and it was spread over 3 days instead of 2. It was very well organized and easy to get in and out. None of the panels I attended were anywhere near full, so attendees were able to space themselves out. The Exhibit Hall was bigger than I expected, although the biggest name was probably Portland’s Oni Press. Dark Horse and Image were not there even though they are also based in Portland. I did buy some things I had my eye on at previous conventions, because Oregon has no sales tax.

The guest lineup was small, but fun. The biggest name was George Takei and other names included Christina Ricci, Jon Heder, Carl Weathers, Adam Savage, and a few of The Boys cast. It was probably about half the size of recent years, but similar to 2015. There were a few cancellations but it didn’t seem like a higher percentage than usual. 

Like SiliCon in San Jose a few weeks earlier, the attendees and guests were very happy to be back. All of the celebrity panels I attended were top notch. I want to specifically mention that the moderator, Steph Strickland (a local TV host) did an outstanding job. The Carl Weathers and Jon Heder panels, she was really good at steering the questions so that it felt like a big conversation between the guest, the audience, and her, rather than a bunch of disjointed, repetitive questions as Q&As often turn out to be.

Smaller panels topics included comics, cosplay, podcasts, and some assorted oddities. I tried to attend a few of each type. They were more hit or miss than the celeb ones (as smaller panels tend to be) but there were a few really good ones. The Contrivance podcast was really funny (and they had a slide show which helped the presentation), and the AfterShock/Almost American panel was interesting.
RCCC generally does not have much in the way of exhibitor exclusives, but some of the con merch was pretty cool. I picked up the scarf and messenger bag. They also set up a Pin Trading event; you could get official RCCC pins from the merch booth and select artists, and then you could trade with other attendees or staff members. There was a pin that you could only get by trading with a staff member. (Though trading was not always required, since I asked a staff member on Sunday if he had them, and he just gave me one without making me trade.) There was also a separate pin that they gave to attendees as a thank-you for getting vaccinated (as well as kids under 12, or people who could not get the vaccine for legitimate medical reasons.)

They also held an online drawing for free MAX Rail/Streetcar passes valid all weekend. I entered and got one (I figured I would, since they had 510 pairs available, and I did not think that too many more people would bother to enter the drawing.) This came in handy for me as my hotel was not really walking distance but it was a short streetcar ride away. They also gave out a free RCCC patch to anyone who stayed in an official block hotel, but then they changed it to just any hotel (since they had so many), and they probably just ended up giving them to anyone who asked.

I bought my ticket last December when they were offering a different free gift per day with purchase. My gift was a mystery swag bag. It came with 4 comic books (2 of which were FCBD books, lol), a hardcover book, and a 2019 patch. Nothing special, but nice. However they had so many of these bags that they were just giving them away Sunday to anyone.

Overall, it was a great first away convention back -- it was very well organized, high quality panels, and free stuff. Although it’s now run by LeftField Media, it doesn’t feel nearly as corporate as the ReedPop conventions. IMO the corporate presence here is felt by the surface being “shinier," which is not a bad thing when it includes things like sharp-looking merchandise, savvy social media team, and full-featured app, but still keeps a lot of quirky/indie programming, artists, and exhibitors.


Exhibit Hall:

George Takei
Jon Heder
The Boys
Contrivance Podcast

Pins & Patches
Free Swag Bag Comics
Messenger Bag & Scarf


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