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A few in Washington are treating UFOs as a national security issue.

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If they have no idea what they are, then how can they say it's not aliens?

It turns out that the reporting that it's not aliens was presumptive by the NYT.  When questioned about it the Pentagon spokesperson said that's not what they said and they have no comments about what the press is saying.  So now the NYT has changed their story to say that aliens have not been ruled out.

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Andrew Costa Mesa:
The U.S. government is sending mixed messages as to whether or not there have been alien sightings.  They say there is no proof the UFOs are aliens but at the same time, they can't explain what they are. 

Sounds like they are not entirely ruling it out.

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If these are not Kree or Skrull, imma riot.

I hope that sooner rather than later they release the good stuff.  According to the guy who should know, the images that have been leaked so far are the most boring.  They have photos of them clear as day from 50 foot away.


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