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The Exhibitor Exclusives link will be updated when available

Post Here as exclusives get announced and feel free to discuss them  ;D

if i don't score the hallmark ornaments @SDCC i may pester someone to pick me up the USS Kelvin--- it's on my short list of 'must haves'

Friends of Comic Cons:
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that should be doable. I don't think hallmark sold out of their allotment of ornaments last year, though I do recall them selling out the year before. But if someone wee gunning for them for you it is obtainable

I personally want NYCC Pong kit. Mainly for the bag   O:-)

just as a matter of record;

Three ornament designs will be sold in limited quantities at Comic-Con International, to be held July 18-21 in San Diego, Calif., and at New York Comic Con, set for October 10-13 in New York City:

Wrath of the Rancorâ„¢ — Created especially for event sales, this ornament captures Luke Skywalker’s struggle with the savage creature dwelling below Jabba the Hutt’s palace as seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jediâ„¢.

Man of Steel — Inspired by this summer’s big-screen adventure of the same name, Superman is the subject of this event-exclusive Keepsake Ornament. Details and images of this ornament will be announced later this year.

U.S.S. Kelvinâ„¢ — As featured in the 2009 Star Trek movie, this Federation starship exclusive is a “battle-scarred” variant of the same Keepsake Ornament available starting in July in Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.

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