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NYCC First Timer Advice? Suggestions?

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the board and this year will be my first time at NYCC. The tickets are actually a surprise wedding present for my fiancé and I who are getting married in August. So, my question is simple.

What advice does everyone out there have for a NYCC first timer?

We will be there Saturday and Sunday.

We are more fans of the entertainment guests, though we do love comics as well. I personally am a graphic novel enthusiast. We also have a good hold on visiting NYC, we live just north of it.

So any advice, suggestions, cool things, etc. that anyone can think of, that we should look for at NYCC...please share. I really want to make this a memorable trip coming in the heels of our wedding :) Thank You!

Have a priority list of what you want to do and a plan of attack.  Have a large bag or backpack for each of you for swag and purchases.  Get familiar with the map that will be posted before you get to the show.  Be social.  You are surrounded by fans when you are stuck in line chat with them.  I've met a lot of awesome people that way.  Haggle with dealers.  In most cases the price you see at a booth can be haggled down especially if you are buying large items or multiple items.  Make sure your camera and/or phones have full power and lots of available memory.  Not a bad idea to bring chargers anyway.  Don't forget to eat easier to do then you think at the show.  Good cart food out front, micro convenience stores on ground floor, and cafeteria in basement.  Or you can just pack some snacks and a water bottle in the previously mentioned bag.  Look over the exclusives list on the NYCC page about a week before the show to see most everything that is going to be at the show so you can work the ones you want into your plan.  Also since you are doing Saturday and Sunday you can also check online that Friday to see some of the swag being given away to add that into your plan of attack ahead of time. 

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Thank you! That is exactly the kind of advice and suggestions I am looking for!
I also read that they continue to announce more and more guests as the show gets closer.
Is that true?
Don't get me wrong, I would go for the current line-up in a heartbeat.

Yes. They'll keep announcing guests throughout the year.

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see who else gets added.


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