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title says it all <grin>

busta groove isn't in the photo 'cus she did the hard work of taking the Pic

Transmute Jun:
Note that some people may not want their pictures posted online, so get permission first!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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i don't think it's reasonable to ask someone to contact everyone in the group photos for permission-
needless to say, if anyone objects to their photo being posted, we'll fuzz them out or remove the pick completely

Bert Su:
I wish you guys waited for me on Wednesday for the first meet up. I got there at noon and heard the last person at the table already left. Last night I went to Busters Beachhouse for Thurday's meet up but no one I asked there said they were from this forum

Hooray for photos! I'm really glad I got to meet so many of you, and thanks again TJ for organising this. :D


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