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Hi All,
Since this is a newish area for a Con on the other side of the county from SDCC, i figured the forum could use a introduction area for NYCC.

I'll start it off, I started the Friendsofcci forum so people would have a place to answer & ask questions without being flamed, record history and develop a community.  The forum went live about 2 years ago mostly about the San Diego Comic Con. 

I attended NYCC for the first time last year & had a great time. I wasn't overly fond of the Javis Center however. I'm not able to attend this year due to the expense and my sons school schedule.

Hi. I am Kevin. I will be attending NYCC this year on a 3 day pass. This will be my second one. I agree that I am not a fan of Javitts either and the exhibit hall floor is much smaller than SDCC.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Hi my name is Joe and I am a NYCC junkie. I will be there from setup Wednesday to breakdown Sunday.  I have been every year as a fan that Reedpop has had the show except for one before that I had been to many of the Javitts shows pre Reedpop back in the beginning days of Valiant and Image.  This year I will be officially working at the show as an exhibitor as well as there as a fan.  I am an exclusives purchaser and reseller as well as a fan.  This year I am bringing an organized group of over 25 people with me.  I'll be happy to help anybody and everybody I can with info, help grabbing exclusives, or help getting signing tickets if I can.  Feel free to ask.  I really enjoy meeting my fellow fans from all over the country and all over the world.

Wow DrWho_42, both nycc and sdcc? nice!  **jealous** <grin>

BigJoe, if you take any pic's i'm sure people would be interested in seeing the some of the set up process!
That's a very generous offer, careful of what you offer tho, someone is likely to take you up on it<as i run off to check the exclusives list>

My names Mike T and this will be my first NYCC and my first trip to NYC also. Im a long time comics fan and finally decided to come to NY for con and ive always wanted to visit the city. I came across this page on the NYCC facebook page and its been a real help to me.A 100 Thank You's to the ppl that contribute to it!! I bought the 3 days pass and also a Thursday single day pass,so hopefully i can get everything i want to do accomplished. Which is getting some books signed,taking pics of ppl and the city and making new friends :)


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