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Once Upon a Time, Ballroom 20, 11am- 11:45am

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Jane Espenson, writer/producer for Once Upon A Time tweeted that Once Upon A Time will be at SDCC 2014 and Executive Directors Edward "Eddy" Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will head the panel and content will be shown.

I've enjoyed the show but wonder if anyone remembers what day the panel was last year? Also, wan't it in Ballroom 20?

Saturday in Ballroom 20 last year

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Does anyone know how much in advance people lined up for this panel last year?

We got there at about 6:30 and got pretty good seats. I believe we were in the front row of the second section. We could have gotten closer but we were tired and just took the first totally open row we came to.

Anna and Kristoff have been cast for next season.  Always a possibility they'll show up for the panel.

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