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True Blood panel


What time would anyone recomend to get into the true blood panel in ballroom 20 at 5pm? Does the room fill up fast? What would be the latest time to get into the panel?


True Blood is going to be huge this year, since it's the last year. I would sit in the room all day, which would mean lining up at around 6-7am. But since those animation shows are in the middle there, you could risk it and get in line around 12-1 and hope for enough turnover from the Fox animation crowds.

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Jumping Jehosaphat:
I have been to the True Blood panel the last 2 years (they even give out good swag). I pretty much camp out in Ballroom 20 because I like almost all the shows in the room (all the animated ones). The room kind of dies down a bit before Vampire Diaries, so I would recommend lining up a panel before that one. I usually end up getting pretty close moving up all day.


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