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--- Quote ---Meanwhile the fan-favorite brands like Wizard World, ReedPOP, GalaxyCon and FanExpo have the attention of the audience but are scrambling to deliver a high-quality experience for both fans and talent online.  That’s led to some interesting philosophical differences among the various players, with Powers suggesting technical excellence is all that matters while Broder argues that "it will all come down to who can do the marketing well and reach the audience."

Unfortunately, neither side has come up with a great solution for retailers.  Over the weekend, I participated in an online conversation about the future of conventions hosted by podcaster Leonard Sultana ("An Englishman In San Diego"), where geek fashion entrepreneur Tony Kim, founder of Hero Within, lamented the huge challenge of losing 60% of his revenues generated at shows and conventions.  "For apparel, it’s a tactile experience. We want people to feel the fabrics, try on the fit of our clothes," he said.  "We can sell online, but we can’t capture that aspect of it."

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--- Quote ---It is with a heavy heart that we today announce the cancellation of MCM Birmingham  Comic Con June, MCM London Comic Con July, MCM Manchester Comic Con, August, and MCM Scotland Comic Con September following the escalation of COVID-19 in the UK, Europe, and globally.

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