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the annual couch potato thread or what's your preferd 'get in shape' activity?

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so how are folks getting ready for con season?  walking more? loosing weight?

what's your torture method so there's less huffing & puffing at the start of con season

Transmute Jun:
Not so much exercising, but I've been doing really well this year losing the holiday weight. I gained 15 pounds over the holidays on our cruise and I'm down to 1 pound left to lose, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself!  ;D

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I have badly fallen off gym visits since the holidays.  I just signed up for a blood analysis package from Wellness FX. To find out some biometrics data on myself and see where my vitamin deficiencies are. Kind of using this to kickstart my motivation for getting back to exercising

i am balming the cold weather for my lack of restraint ..... too much food and chocolate and chips and....and....

Reviving this thread!  Mwuhahahahaha!

Here's a fun way to "walk" to Mordor and get fit for Comic-Con:
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^__~  Thought I would share with this with my fellow nerds, ha ha. 


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