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Hall H line for Saturday help

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They just had us condense on the island half hour ago.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThey just had us condense on the island half hour ago.

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What's your rough guess on total numbers?

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On Island. We just got B. By the time we got on the bus, people got C wristbands. They will be able to get rest of people in line. Half of island still vacant. They will leave skeleton crew overnight to hand out badges.  We opted to leave and rejoin in morning at end of wristband line. (Saturday Line not like Friday's, which had extended out to Seaport Village.)

I got here at 545am for Everything Else and worker was telling people there's still Hall H wristbands.....I was so tempted, but didn't plan for Hall H since I thought for sure I'd have to camp for it

Just rejoined the Island. Yes, they still have D wristbands, folks just walk up.  Along sidewalk of Joes


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