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got ideas for next season?
starting a build?

I'll start it off with this vid from a Halloween costume
for those folks looking for a cosplay look

Transmute Jun:
Alyssa, are you going to get a cosplay going for yourself? *poke*

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I was toying with the idea of Magneto, Old Snake from MGS IV, or the blue Fallout uniform. Maybe Captain Phasma - I think that would be a progressive choice :)

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAlyssa, are you going to get a cosplay going for yourself? *poke*

--- End quote ---
i need to get an idea of where my weight is before i can plan- it'd have to be something casual & comfortable

I confess that I've always wanted to cosplay, but I never have the time to make a costume.  (I'm old-fashioned; it has to be made by me, ha ha.  Plus, it would be cheaper that way than having it commissioned by another.)  ^__^;  Next year probably won't be the year, but who knows?  Maybe it will happen in the future, ha ha.


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