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Renting a condo or AirBNB for SDCC? (Post advice or questions here!)

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i was in a 3 bed studio in the gaslamp for abt $3600 for the week- it broke down to under a grand per person for 8 nights

studio is the wrong term- more like an open floor plan one bedroom
i was happy


that's insane!!! $1,500 a NIGHT when most SDCC attendee barely even uses the room.  eck!!!  You mind as well just book the MMM or hilton Byfront outside of Onpeak and just pay the 800-900+/night and get the closest hotels to the convention center.  Man, talk about people gouging.

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That's seriously ridiculous. Agreed that you might as well get a downtown hotel at that rate. I feel I'm in the minority as both years have been great Airbnb experiences. We paid $835 for 4 nights for a 2bed 2.5bath condo in mission valley so each person was about $90 total.

I pretty much told the guy for that price I could book the Hilton direct and for "just" $799. The thing is, he'll find someone to rent it. He said this past year ($1K a night) was booked within 24 hours of putting the listing up.

You can find some with weekly flat rates that aren't horrible but when it's just two of you, even that can be too much.

From looking around, the Airbnb listings right in downtown were at least as much as downtown hotel prices. However, when you get further out (i.e. Mission Valley), Airbnb prices drop dramatically and can be significantly cheaper than Mission Valley hotel rooms. I saw plenty of listings 5+ miles out of downtown for under $100/night.


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