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links to a variety of local maps, regional rail and subway & bus maps plus links to apps for your phone.
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this trip planer seems to be pretty robust-
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I got a question from ConSwag on Twitter. S/he is staying in Jersey at Tonnele Ave, North Bergen, NJ.
Anyone have a suggestion on how to

I'm staying close to Union City/ Weehacken NJ. just off of 30th st/s. marginal way & Bergenline ave.  I know there's private bus line that runs from that intersection threw the Lincoln tunnel to Port Authority. it cost $3. Does anyone know where that private bus starts the run? 

the reason i'm asking is to see where ConSwag can catch public transportation into the city. I Know ConSwag can uber to the intersection of Bergenline & 30th but am wondering if there's an easier way.

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Hmm do you know where they are exactly?
Also depends on how much they want to spend. They are in a bit of a tough spot.

One (but also expensive) is to get on the Tonnelle Ave Light rail to the Port Imperial stop (4 minutes) and then hop onto the Port Imperial Waterway to 39th Street, which would let off right behind the convention center.
Cons about this though: Almost $12 each way, starts at 6AM weekdays (8 weekends) stops at Midnight (1 on Fri and Sat)
Pros: If timed right only about 15 minutes total commute

Uber probably as cheap as above unless you get hit with rate hikes
I don't know about the bus,  but that would likely be the best option

a year or two ago i tried to get a cab from weehacken to the javits & was quoted $40-50.  the driver said it was due to the tunnel cost

they're at the medowlands view hotel @ 2750 Tonnele Ave, North Bergen, NJ 07047

ok no they are not close, but the bus you mentioned seems to be the 190 that lets out at port authority and pick up about a block or two from their hotel


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