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Friday Programming, 9:30am-1pm, July 22, 2011,
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9:30-10:20 ComicsPRO "Fresh Start"- Your day at Comic-Con gets off to a friendly and professional start with ComicsPRO, the retailer trade association. Retailers, publishers and distributors are welcome to kick off their convention day with colleagues, coffee, bagels and conversation. Bring your business card! Room 19
Tags:  Comics | Retailer Programming

10:00-11:00 DC: Talent Search- DC's editorial art director, Mark Chiarello, presents an informative orientation session to explain how DC's Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of DC Comics, Vertigo, and MAD magazine. If you want to learn what DC Comics looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, this is the panel for you. If you want to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory. (Please note: Not all attendees are guaranteed a one-on-one review.) Room 4
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comics | Seminars & Workshops | Writers & Writing

10:00-11:30 The Black Panel- This year's panel will be a bitter yet sweet departure from the past. Help celebrate the life and work of Dwayne McDuffie, with Peter David (writer of stuff), Keith Knight (The K Chronicles, The Knight Life), Reggie Hudlin (House Party, Boomerang, Black Panther), and the reunion of the original Milestone partners, Derrick Dingle, Denys Cowan, and Michael Davis, who have not done a panel together in over an decade. It will be a joyous celebration with a surprise guest or two and some big announcements. Room 5AB
Tags:  Animation | Comics | Television | Tributes

 10:00-11:00 Spotlight on David Finch- One of the most popular artists working in comics today, Comic-Con special guest David Finch is currently writing and drawing Batman: The Dark Knight. In this spotlight panel, Finch discusses his career in comics and what's coming up for both him and the Dark Knight. Room 6DE
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics | Superheroes

 10:00-11:00 LEGO Star Wars- A behind-the-brick look with the LEGO Star Wars team at how the epic Star Wars story comes together with the creativity and imagination of the LEGO brand. Additionally, be among the first to hear about a special LEGO Star Wars entertainment event, and meet Emmy award-winning writer Michael Price. Also includes Q&A time. Room 7AB
Tags:  Action Figures - Toys - Collectibles | Kids | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

 10:00-11:00 Spotlight on Tony DeZuniga- Comic-Con special guest Tony DeZuniga is one of the comics medium's most prolific artists. His memorable work includes numerous books for Marvel and DC, and he's especially known for his work on both Conan (for Marvel) and Jonah Hex for DC, defining the scarred western character from almost the very beginning. DeZuniga will talk about his long career in comics and what he's up to today with fellow artist and Comic-Con special guest Gerry Alanguilan. Room 9
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics

10:00-11:00 Torchwood: Miracle Day- John Barrowman (Doctor Who) and Eve Myles (Doctor Who) join cast members Mekhi Phifer (ER), Bill Pullman (Independence Day), Alexa Havins (All My Children), and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), along with writer Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica), to discuss the fourth installment of the hit BBC Worldwide show, a Starz Originals co-production, currently airing Friday nights at 10 ET/PT on Starz. Ballroom 20
Tags:  Action/Adventure | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television

 10:00-11:00 Conversations with Sid and Marty Krofft: A Look at the Past, Present and Future- Sid and Marty Krofft changed Saturday mornings forever when the sibling puppeteers unleashed colorful characters like H.R. Pufnstuf and Sigmund & the Sea Monsters on a generation of sugary-cereal-fueled kids growing up in the 1970s and '80s. Join Sid and Marty, along with host Angie Everhart, for a look back at what they have achieved, then take a look to the future with their new partnerships with Vivendi Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation. Room 23ABC
Tags:  Animation | Kids | Television

10:00-11:00 Conversation with Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho Voice Actor Greats- Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and the release of these legendary series on Blu-ray. Christopher R. Sabat (Vegeta, Piccolo), Justin Cook (producer, Raditz), and John Burgmeier (ADR scriptwriter, Dragon Ball series) will answer your questions on topics ranging from Goku to Spirit Detectives. Your panel hosts are giants in the industry, so get there early for the lowdown on these anime classics and their transformation into Blu-ray! Room 24ABC
Tags:  Animation | Television

 10:00-11:00 DC: Mad about MAD- Often imitated but never duplicated, MAD is more than just the country's bestselling humor magazine -- it's also the inspiration for the outrageous animated series from Warner Bros. Animation. Featuring short animated parodies, crazy commercials, pretend promos and classic gags inspired by the iconic magazine, MAD is currently one of the highest-rated series on Cartoon Network -- and it's back at Comic-Con to share more laughs and explore the world of MAD. Join MAD magazine editor John Ficarra, art director Sam Viviano and Spy vs. Spy artist Peter Kuper, along with MAD series producers Kevin Shinick and Mark Marek, for a sizzle reel of laughs from season one, a sneak peek at season two, and a wise-cracking Q&A that's bound to be, well, MAD. MAD airs Mondays at 8:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. Room 25ABC
Tags:  Animation | Comics | Humor & Satire | Kids | Television

10:00-11:30 Comic-Con How-To: Live Figure Sculpting with Brandon and Jarrod Shiflett- The Shiflett Brothers -- Brandon and Jarrod --  started their professional sculpting careers with maquette work on the hit video game Oddworld: Abe's Odysee, working alongside visionary video game creator Lorne Lanning. For Bowen Designs the brothers have sculpted statues of iconic Marvel characters such as The Juggernaut, The Incredible Hulk, Thanos, Spider-Man vs. Venom, The Rhino, Wolverine, and Black Panther. In 2010 the brothers released an instructional DVD with The Gnomon Workshop titled Fantasy Sculpting: The Dragon of Argos, and in 2011 they were honored to sit on the jury for the 18th edition of the acclaimed art book Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Room 28DE
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Seminars & Workshops

10:00-11:00 Writing in Video Games: In-Game, Novels, Comics, and Other Franchise-Building Offshoots- The biggest names in SF/fantasy publishing and the video game industry area of in-game writing get together to discuss their separate projects and their unique experiences working in both worlds. Get your game face on with Greg Bear (Halo), Karen Traviss (Gears of War), David Gaider (Dragon Age), John Shirley (Bioshock: Rapture), Tony Gonzales (Eve Online), Frank O'Connor (chief of 343 Industries), and Kevin Grace (managing editor of 343 Industries, Halo: Evolutions). Moderated by Matt Staggs of Room 32AB
Tags:  Games | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Writers & Writing

 10:00-11:00 Comic-Con Film School 102: Production- Day 2 of this four-day course on micro-budget movie-making focuses on the specifics of production, from shooting techniques, to lighting on the cheap, to crew positions you need (and don't need), to costuming, props, and set decorating for as little money as possible. Panelists for the class include Valerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series), Vera Vanguard (writer/producer of Goth Girl), Edward G. Negron (director of Safehouse), Jack Conway (writer/producer of Fear News), and Sean Rourke (writer of Ballistica). Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina
Tags:  CCI-IFF and Film School | Movies | Seminars & Workshops

10:15-11:15 Epix Pictures: The Captains- William Shatner is joined by fellow Star Trek captain Avery Brooks to present a preview of the EPIX Pictures original documentary produced and directed by Shatner, in which he travels the world to interview all the actors who've played Starfleet captains. This lively discussion and Q&A session is moderated by Comic-Con fave Kevin Smith. Room 6BCF
Tags:  Fandom | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television

 10:30-11:30 Cartoon Network Comedy: Regular Show/The Problem Solverz and More!- Johnny Test! The Amazing World of Gumball! Adventure Time! Regular Show! MAD! The Problem Solverz! Cartoon Network is dominating Monday nights with the funniest night on television! Join creators and talent from Regular Show and The Problem Solverz as they talk about how these two comedy hits came to life, perform unique live readings, and show exclusive clips from upcoming episodes. The panel features Regular Show creator J. G. Quintel (Mordecai), Bill Salyers (Rigby), Sam Marin (Pops, Benson, Muscle Man), Janie Hadad (Margaret), and Mike Roth (creative director). The Problem Solverz talent includes acclaimed artist and show creator Ben Jones (Alfe and Roba) and Kyle Kaplan (Horace). Room 6A
Tags:  Animation | Humor & Satire | Kids | Television

10:30-11:30 Locke & Key FOX Pilot Screening- The most talked-about pilot not on the fall schedule was the FOX production of Locke & Key. This screening of the entire pilot will show you just what a void there will be on your TVs this fall. Watch the special filmed adaptation of Welcome to Lovecraft, and see the Eisner-nominated comic brought to life. Can't get in to see it this morning? Don't worry...there's a rescreening tonight at 9:15 in Room 6DE! Room 8
Tags:  Comics | Horror and Suspense | Television

Sat, Jul 16, 09:03AM 10:30-11:20 The State of the Industry- It's the midway point of 2011. So what are the sales trends since we last met in San Diego? And more importantly, what's the outlook near and long term for the business of comics? Join ComicsPRO president Joe Field and executive director Amanda Emmert as they discuss the state of comic book retailing with the industry's top publishing companies, including Bob Wayne (DC Comics senior VP-sales), David Gabriel (Marvel Comics senior VP of sales), Eric Stephenson (publisher, Image Comics), Jeremy Atkins (Dark Horse director of public relations), Ted Adams (CEO of IDW Publishing) and Roger Fletcher (Diamond Comic Distributors VP of sales & marketing). Room 18
Tags:  Comics | Retailer Programming

 10:30-11:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #5: Critical Approaches to Comics: An Introduction to Theories and Methods- Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan (, co-editors of the forthcoming textbook Critical Approaches to Comics (Routledge 2011), moderate a panel of contributors including David A. Berona (Plymouth State University), Andrei Molotiu (Indiana University), Stanford Carpenter (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Jennifer K. Stuller (ink, Peter M. Coogan (Washington University), and Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California). They'll explain methodologies that can be used to analyze meanings in comics and comics culture, as well as engage in an interactive exchange with the audience members about how they can incorporate these approaches into their teaching of comics Room 26AB
Tags:  Comics | Comics Arts Conference | Seminars & Workshops

10:30-12:00 Comic Book Law School 202: When Hollywood Takes a Shining...- Don't reach for the ax -- use the legal line! Noted attorney Michael Lovitz, author of the acclaimed The Trademark and Copyright Book comic book, is ready to tackle a number of the more advanced issues facing authors, artists, and designers, particularly once they've "broken through" and have started publishing and selling (and maybe merchandising too). This second Comic Book Law School session addresses some of the complicated issues surrounding marketing properties and creative ideas, including transfers and licensing of rights; production, merchandising, and distribution agreements; and the key things you should know when Hollywood comes knocking. This interactive seminar gives attendees the opportunity to participate in the discussions as Lovitz (with an assist by entertainment attorney Mona Metwalli) covers various means for profiting from creative works and explores the many important elements that form the foundation of every contract (and time permitting, maybe participate in a mock contract negotiation). With in-depth discussions about the options and opportunities for profit, as well as the problems and pitfalls that go hand in hand with each decision, you can't afford to miss this seminar. Note: The Comic Book Law School seminars are designed to provide relevant information and practice tips to practicing attorneys, as well as practical tips to creators and other professionals who may wish to attend. [This program is approved for 1.5 credits of California MCLE.] Room 30CDE
Tags:  Animation | Art and Illustration | Comics | Comics Law School | Movies | Television | Writers & Writing

11:00-12:00 Mike Mignola: Worlds at War- The world is falling to chaos in B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Hellboy's facing his demons in a big way in Hellboy: The Fury, and monsters are overrunning Europe in the upcoming Baltimore: The Curse Bells. Join creator Mike Mignola, editor Scott Allie, and new B.P.R.D. artist Tyler Crook for exclusive insights on what has been and will continue to be an epic year in the Mignolaverse and beyond. Room 4
Tags:  Comics

 11:00-12:00 Hasbro Star Wars- Hear the latest from the Hasbro Marketing and Design teams -- Derryl DePriest and Jeff Labovitz (Hasbro Marketing), Michelino Paolino and Mark Boudreaux (Hasbro Design) -- on the exciting Star Wars lineup for the rest of 2011, and get a special sneak peek into some 2012 secrets. Room 7AB
Tags:  Action Figures - Toys - Collectibles | Kids | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

11:00-12:00 Spotlight on Gerry Alanguilan- Comic-Con special guest Gerry Alanguilan is a 16-year veteran of inking comics for Marvel and DC (Superman: Birthright, Ultimate Avengers) and is the creator of the Eisner Award-nominated graphic novel Elmer. Gerry is known on the Internet as the "Hey, Baby Smile" guy (as seen on Tosh.0, The Russell Howard Show, and Graham Norton Show). Here's your chance to ask him anything! He will not lie. (Hopefully.) Room 9
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics

11:00-12:00 Roman Dirge- Cartoonist Roman Dirge will be discussing his new art book Taxidermied and his ongoing Lenore comic series with Titan. Join Roman and moderator Jonah Weiland (Comic Book Resources) for this one-on-one interview and Q&A session. Room 23ABC
Tags:  Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comics | Humor & Satire

11:00-12:00 Radical Publishing- Radical will announce its imprint deal with Sam Worthington's production company, Full Clip, and introduce the writers and artists working on those projects. Panelists include Sam Worthington (Avatar), John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz (Full Clip Productions), Rick Remender (The Last Days of American Crime), Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier), Leonardo Manco (Hellblazer), and Radical Studios president Barry Levine.  Room 24ABC
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comics | Movies | Writers & Writing

11:00-12:00 JManga: Manga!? Hear it Straight from Japan!- The leaders of Japan's manga industry present an in-depth discussion of where the international manga industry is and where it is headed in the near future. Also, catch a sneak peak of, Japan's 39-publisher-strong Digital Comic Association's new manga portal website. Panelists include Sam Yoshiba (Kodansha), Takashi Watanabe (Shueisha), Tos**taka Tanaka (Shogakukan), Kouji Shimano (Futabasha), Naobumi Ashi (Kadokawa), Motoi Suzuki (Shueisha), and Sasaki Hisashi (editor-in-chief of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump, the world's top-selling manga magazine). Room 25ABC
Tags:  Anime & Manga | Comics

11:00-12:00 Page One- The opening page of a comic sets up everything that comes after it, for good or ill. Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages), Greg Rucka (Stumptown), and moderator Douglas Wolk discuss great first pages of comics and the way they can instantly pull their audience in and establish the tone and themes of a story. Room 32AB
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comics | Seminars & Workshops | Writers & Writing

 11:00-12:00 Paramount: The Adventures of Tin-Tin- TBA Hall H
Tags:  Animation | Comics | Kids | Movies

Fri, Jul 08, 10:59PM 11:15-12:15 DC Comics - The New 52- DC Comics explodes in September with 52 new number one issues and one panel is not enough to cover it! With a "DC Comics - The New 52" panel each day, there's sure to be something for everyone! Join Dan DiDio, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, Bob Harras, DC's Editor-in-Chief, and DC Comics Executive Editor, Eddie Berganza, for an up-close look at this unprecedented wave of new series, from the first-ever re-launches of Action Comics and Batman titles to the latest thrills from comics' cutting-edge! Room 6DE
Tags:  Comics | Superheroes

11:15-12:15 AMC's The Walking Dead- Stars Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The Pacific), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints), Steven Yeun (The Big Bang Theory), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Green Mile); series creator/writer/director/executive producer Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption); executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator); executive producer Robert Kirkman (creator/writer of The Walking Dead comic book series); and makeup artist and consulting producer Greg Nicotero discuss the success of season one of AMC's series The Walking Dead and reveal what to look forward to in season two, which will air on AMC thisfFall. Join the panelists for a one-on-one Q&A session and an official sneak preview of season two. Ballroom 20
Tags:  Comics | Horror and Suspense | Television

 11:30-12:30 Spotlight on Patrick McDonnell- Award-winning Mutts cartoonist and New York Times bestselling author Patrick McDonnell is joined in conversation with author Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil). Patrick will discuss comic strips, cats and dogs, George Herriman, Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby, Jane Goodall, pen points, Shelter Stories, punk rock, frogs jumping in ponds, The Power of Now, the future, and nothing. Q&A will follow. Room 5AB
Tags:  Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics

11:30-12:30 Halo Universe- Frank O'Connor, Kevin Grace, and others from 343 Industries, as well as special Halo guests Greg Bear and Karen Traviss, discuss the first 10 years of Halo and offer a sneak peek into what's next for this exciting sci-fi universe. Room 6BCF
Tags:  Action/Adventure | Games | Science Fiction & Fantasy

11:30-12:30 Locke & Key Panel- Make your plans to watch the Locke & Key TV pilot at 10:30, then join Eisner-nominated creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, along with Locke & Key TV pilot writer Josh Friedman, for a frank discussion of the show, the comic, and what's coming up in Clockworks, the second-to-last story arc in the acclaimed series (or is it?). Room 8
Tags:  Comics | Horror and Suspense | Television

Sat, Jul 16, 09:03AM 11:30-12:15 Direct Conversation- Join executives from DC Comics for a special chat and Q&A session on September's "The New 52" launch, spotlighting sales incentives, marketing and publicity push, and much more. Room 18
Tags:  Comics | Retailer Programming

 11:30-1:00 Comics Arts Conference Session #6: Wordless Comics- Andrei Molotiu (Indiana University) makes the case that the sequential dynamics of abstract comics echo complex self-organizing systems such as occur in biological, mathematical, and sociological processes and that the same transmedia values underlie more traditional storytelling comics. Dietrich Grünewald (Universität Koblenz-Landau) examines the picture story principle and why it is not advisable to refer to what Rodolphe Töpffer called "literature in pictures" with a fixed general term. David A. Berona (Plymouth State University) investigates social, personal, and literary themes in contemporary woodcut novels. Room 26AB
Tags:  Comics | Comics Arts Conference

11:30-12:30 Comic-Con How-To: Filmmaking by the Seat of Your Pants with Matt Haley and David Walker- The creators of the Internet viral hit Blackstar Warrior show how they pulled off the impossible, with no time and no money, but canny organizational skills and a love of professional filmmaking. Producer/director Matt Haley most recently illustrated the "Badass" book series for HarperCollins and the forthcoming How to Win a Fight from Penguin/Gotham. Writer David Walker is the author of Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, co-authored the book Reflections On Blaxploitation, and directed such films as Black Santa's Revenge. Room 28DE
Tags:  Comic-Con How To | Movies | Seminars & Workshops | Web

 11:45-12:45 Nickelodeon & DreamWorks Animation: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness- The bodacity continues as Po the panda punches his way onto a new animated series. Executive producer Peter Hastings and supervising producers Randy Dormans band Gabe Swarr present an exclusive sneak peek into the new series by Nickelodeon and Dreamworks. This panel will also include select moments with voice cast members Mick Wingert (Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special), James Hong (Kung Fu Panda 2), Kevin Michael Richardson (Penguins of Madagascar), and John DiMaggio (Penguins of Madagascar), followed by a screening. Moderated by Megan Casey, executive in charge for Nickelodeon. Room 6A
Tags:  Animation | Kids | Movies

11:45-12:30 Adult Swim: The Venture Bros.- Show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer will screen an early premiere of The Venture Bros. Special -- From the Ladle to the Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy -- a 15-minute documentary-style animated special (premiering August 28 on Adult Swim), discuss their original series, and answer questions. The panel also features James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture). Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Tags:  Animation | Humor & Satire | Television

12:00-1:00 The Official Aspen Comics Panel 2011- Aspen Comics creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, Joe Benitez, JT Krul, Alex Konat, Jason Fabok, Beth Sotelo, and some surprise guests announce and preview new Aspen releases for 2012, including a special look at their new series in association with director McG's production company, Haunted City, as well as answer questions about Aspen's growing library of titles. All attendees will receive a free gift courtesy of Aspen Comics! Room 4
Tags:  Comics

12:00-1:00 Star Wars Books- Star Wars author Timothy Zahn and Del Rey editor Shelly Shapiro discuss the 20th anniversary of Star Wars: Heir to the Empire and preview upcoming Star Wars titles from Del Rey and LucasBooks. Room 7AB
Tags:  Science Fiction & Fantasy | Writers & Writing

 12:00-1:00 Spotlight on Rebecca Moesta- Comic-Con special guest Rebecca Moesta (Star Challengers) has written more that 30 Middle Grade and YA novels in a variety of science fiction and fantasy series, from media universes (Young Jedi Knights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Titan AE) to her own universes (Crystal Doors, Star Challengers, co-written with husband Kevin J. Anderson). Her new Star Challenger trilogy was co-created with June Scobee Rodgers (Challenger Centers for Space Science Education) to help inspire a new generation to explore careers in science, engineering, and technology. Rebecca will be interviewed by fellow author Nancy Holder (Crusade series). Room 9
Tags:  Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Writers & Writing

12:00-1:00 ABC Family: The Nine Lives of Chloe King- An exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and producers. The cast in attendance includes Skyler Samuels (The Gates) as Chloe King, Amy Pietz (The Office) as Meredith King, Grey Damon (True Blood, Friday Night Lights) as Brian, newcomer Grace Phipps as Amy, Benjamin Stone (Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter video game series) as Alek, Alyssa Diaz (Shark Night 3D) as Jasmine, and Ki Hong Lee (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Paul. The executive producers are Dan Berendsen and, from Alloy Entertainment, Gina Girolamo. The Nine Lives of Chloe King airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on ABC Family. Room 23ABC
Tags:  Science Fiction & Fantasy | Superheroes | Television

12:00-1:00 Tribute to Gene Colan- The comic book industry lost a giant last month. Gene Colan was a true artist and a truer gentleman. Fans and co-workers gather to remember him, including Marv Wolfman, Roy Thomas, Dean Mullaney, Andrew Farago, Glen David Gold, and moderator Mark Evanier. Come and add your voice and memories to a discussion of one of the greats. Room 24ABC
Tags:  Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics | Tributes

 12:00-1:00 Spotlight on Dave Gibbons- Comic-Con special guest Dave Gibbons is the artist behind one of the most popular graphic novels and comics stories ever, Watchmen. Here's the A to Z of Dave Gibbons...everything you ever wanted to know about Dave's life in comics in an interactive format where the audience calls the shots. Room 25ABC
Tags:  Art and Illustration | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics

 12:00-1:00 CBLDF Master Session 3: Jaime Hernandez- No one can touch Jaime Hernandez's art as the gold standard for visual characterization in contemporary comics. Through a complex use of body language, facial acting, and the playful mix of exaggerated and realistic visuals, Hernandez's characters come to life in a way that is instantly recognizable and wholly unique. Witness his singular approach to visual storytelling at this CBLDF Master Session. The pieces created during this event will be available for bidding in Saturday's CBLDF Benefit Auction. Room 30CDE
Tags:  Art and Illustration | CBLDF Events | Comics | Seminars & Workshops

12:00-1:00 ASIFA/Hollywood's State of the Animation Industry- What do pros think of the animation scene today? Will it all go 3D? Is 2D dead? When is a hybrid VFX flick an animated flick? How do I get my first job? Join Tom Sito (Lion King, Hop), Ken Duncan (Tarzan), Allen Battino (The Smurfs), Sean Petrilak (KFP TV show), Kevin Grow (Resistance: Fall of Man), and Brittany Biggs (KFP II) and get in on the discussion! Room 32AB
Tags:  Animation

12:15-1:15 Relativity Media: Raven and Haywire- Two fantastic films from Relativity Media debut in this Hall H presentation.
Raven -- The film is a gritty thriller in which Edgar Allan Poe joins forces with a young Baltimore detective to hunt down a mad serial killer who's using Poe's own works as the basis for a string of brutal murders. Raven stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, Luke Evans, and Alice Eve and is directed by James McTeigue.

Haywire -- An electrifying tale of espionage and betrayal. A female covert ops specialist who works in the deadly world of international operatives strikes back after discovering she's been double-crossed by someone close to her in the agency. Mixed martial arts superstar Gina Carano makes her feature film -- and Comic-Con -- debut, starring and performing her own high-adrenaline stunts. Also appearing is director Stephen Soderbergh.
Hall H
Tags:  Action/Adventure | Horror and Suspense | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

 12:30-1:30 Spotlight on Jeff Smith- Jeff Smith and his wife/business partner Vijaya Iyer discuss the 20th anniversary of Bone, feature films, the future of comics, and much more. Moderated by Tom Spurgeon ( Room 5AB
Tags:  Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics

12:30-1:30 Marvel: Year of the X-Men- The bonds of brotherhood have been broken between Cyclops and Wolverine, as their feud reaches its boiling point, tearing the X-Men apart in X-Men: Schism. But after the dust settles, what's next for the X-Men and their allies? Enter X-Men Regenesis, where all your questions are answered. Writers Marjorie Liu (X-23), Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force), and Chris Yost (X-Men: First to Last) and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso lay out what's going on with the X-Men for this all-new, all-deadly panel! Room 6DE
Tags:  Comics | Superheroes

12:30-1:30 Crime: Modern Morality Tales- The idea of crime fiction serving as a sort of modern morality tale goes back to Dostoevsky and Nabokov. Panelists discuss how murder and mayhem can impart significance and structure to readers. Max Allan Collins (Kiss Her Goodbye, The Nate Heller series), Barbara Collins (Antiques Knock-Off), Jeff Mariotte (CSI: The Burning Season), Diane Clark and Astrid Bear (San Diego Noir), Gar Anthony Haywood (Cemetery Road), Gary Phillips (Angeltown), Paul Malmont (The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown), Lisa Brackmann (Rock, Paper, Tiger), and Gregg Hurwitz (You're Next) explore the dark streets of imagination with San Diego Noir editor Maryelizabeth Hart. Room 8
Tags:  Horror and Suspense | Writers & Writing

12:30-1:30 The Big Bang Theory Screening and Q&A- Dr., Dr., Dr., Dr., Dr., Mr., Miss...See everyone's favorite scientists (and engineer and waitress) from The Big Bang Theory as the show's producers and stars return to San Diego with a special screening and Q&A. Executive producers Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men), Bill Prady (Dharma & Greg), and Steve Molaro (iCarly) join stars Johnny Galecki (Roseanne), Jim Parsons (Garden State), Kaley Cuoco (Charmed), Simon Helberg (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog), Kunal Nayyar (NCIS), Mayim Bialik (Blossom), and Melissa Rauch (True Blood) for a fun and lively discussion. From Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television, The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS, and The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 13. Ballroom 20
Tags:  Fandom | Humor & Satire | Television

12:45-1:45 Legendary Pictures: Preproduction Preview- Legendary Pictures holds its first-ever Comic-Con panel and shares an early look at some of the movies on the company's upcoming film slate. Fans will be able to access Legendary's plans, garner sneak peeks at their movies in preproduction, and hear from filmmakers and cast members from the upcoming Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, Paradise Lost, and Mass Effect. Panel participants include Jeff Bridges, Bradley Cooper, Guillermo del Toro, Ben Barnes, Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Alicia Vikander, Alex Proyas, Sergei Bodrov, Travis Beacham, Mark Protosevich, and Casey Hudson. Room 6BCF
Tags:  Games | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

Thu, Jul 21, 04:12PM 12:45-1:15 Adult Swim: NTSF:SD:SUV:: (National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle) Panel and Filming for Upcoming Episode- Sneak peek of Adult Swim's newest live-action comedy as introduced by creator and star Paul Scheer (The League) and executive producer Jon Stern (The Ten). NTSF:SD:SUV:: is a clandestine team of government agents working together to protect San Diego from numerous terrorist threats coming in daily from such evil countries as Mexico, Canada and Guam. This team of highly trained operatives has only one job: saving your ass so you can drive your hybrid and see your movies in 3-D without worrying about living in a country run by no-good terrorists. Panel will also include series co-stars Martin Starr (Adventureland), Brandon Johnson (Get Him to the Greek), June Diane Raphael (Going the Distance), and executive producer Curtis Gwinn. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Tags:  Action/Adventure | Humor & Satire | Television
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