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SDCC Exclusives: General Disclaimer


General Disclaimer:

Please remember that trades are fine, as long as extra fees or anything suspicious isn't being asked in addition to the trade.  Profiteering or bribing is not condoned.  To protect our forum members, this community does not allow people to sell items--with the exception of NYCC tickets at original face value (only because ReedPop has a policy that states people can resell them).

If you agree to a trade, please use an official mail carrier service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and double check the rates on the website.  Both parties should do this so that you both know and agree to pay the proper shipping and packaging fees requested by the carrier.  If you agree to exchange items at the convention or purchase items for another party, take advantage of the PM system on the forums - or use other off-forum communication means like Skype, Facebook, personal e-mails, etc. - to discuss in-depth details of trades, discuss specific exclusives hunting plans and/or share your contact information and mailing address. 

Keep in mind that it is possible that a party may not be able to obtain the exclusive they were attempting to get for you or that a party may fail to complete a purchase for any number of reasons.  Remember you are doing this at your own risk and you should only purchase for others according to your budget and comfort level.  You may ask a party to pay you beforehand, but that is a trust issue for the other party as well. 

Please discuss everything in great detail before completely agreeing to anything--from how you will organize the exchange or purchase to how you will get the item to the other party. We ask that any public in-thread discussion of that kind of information, precise line-up times, and/or group sizes be detailed via PM or off of the forums entirely to protect not only yourself but also to respect and maintain the integrity of CCI's line policies.

For those seeking to work with other forum members on hunting specific exclusives, we encourage you to look through the various company-specific exclusives threads for like-minded individuals.  It's easy to start making such contact with another forum member!

1. Select the specific [Year] SDCC [company name] exclusives thread(s) of interest.

2. Your initial post should be along the lines of: "Hi, this is [your forum username]. I'm looking to team up with someone for hunting [company name] exclusives. I will be attending on [badge days]. PM me! Thanks!"

3. YAY! Someone else reading the same thread is seeking the same exclusives! They reply with a post along these lines: "Hi, [your forum name], this is [their forum name]. I'm also looking to team up for hunting [company name] exclusives on the same days. PM sent!"

Afterwards, you two work out all the additional details via PMs or your own communication channels. Two in-thread posts should be all it takes to get the ball rolling!

We, the global moderators and administrators, are not responsible for and do not vet the individual actions of forum members in this community, so engaging in a trade will be done at your own risk.  As always, we encourage you to please use your best judgement.

Thank you!  ^__^

How to Send Personal Messages (PMs) on the Forums ->

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1/13/17: Dropped 2016 from the title; stays afloat as the General Disclaimer for this section. :)


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