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MagicCon: Philadelphia February 17-19, 2023


Our MagicCon team kicked off the Magic: The Gathering celebration in Las Vegas and we have added a few more stops to the 2023 event schedule. We are super excited to be heading to Philadelphia for another epic event on the east coast! 

MagicCon: Philadelphia is a celebration of all things Magic: The Gathering. All will Gather for a jam-packed weekend of exclusive panels, interviews, tournaments and special guests! Take a peek at our latest show announcements and buy your tickets today! 

Philadelphia Convention Center
February 17-19,2 2023
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I was looking at this in details, but was also wondering why they are pretty much charging for game sessions that you may want to join.  Is that normal? MTG is new to me and while paying for a convention ticket is understantable, Commander sessions that are like $20+ seems almost nickel-and-dimey...but again, this is new to me.

Is that normal for a "MTG con"?

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