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WB Legendary Films (Panel Report/Additional Panels), Hall H, 2.:30-5.00

Chris Hardwick (Nerdist Industries) kept this panel light and loose and extremely entertaining - a welcome tone for a crowd that had been, for the most part, queuing overnight.

The headline for this panel could be argued to be 'the panel itself' - in a bold and radical move at the start of the panel, the curtains hung from the top third adjacent to the screen height were pulled back along the side walls, extending the screen and transforming the projected space into a Cinerama effect which blew everyone away. This space held either pre-production artwork ('The Hobbit'j, behind-the-scenes clips ('Pacific Rim') and production logos ('Man Of Steel') (I have been been looking for footage shot in Hall H anyone who attended and sat back far enough to get the full effect of this presentation from the back two-thirds, it must have looked amazing! - if anyone knows of any, please link to it here. x Leonard)

Two 'unannounced' additions to the official listing for this panel were:

** 'Godzilla' - a thirty-second teaser trailer featuring a doom-laden voice-over, describing how death was coming 'like Shiva' / 'no-one could have anticipated it'...; scenes of metropolitan destruction, bodies strewn everywhere; buildings with huge silhouettes where something huge has smashed through; strange huge frond-shaped shadows through the smoke and debris; ...over black, a bloodcurdling and immense animal bellow...; something huge moving through the smoke, turning profile to camera ...a familiar creature roars...!
Legendary's Thomas Tull then brought out Welshman Gareth Edwards (director of 'Monsters') to briefly talk about the project, how he is looking forward to tackling the project and the approach he was intending to apply. They then ran the teaser footage again to the rooms delight...

** 'The Campaign' - the new WB comedy about a political race in the Deep South between a slick incumbent and a naive challenger. After showing the 'red band' trailer, Chris Hardwick welcomed on stage stars Will Farrell and Zack Gallifinackis for a brief Q&A - something that was so unexpected that,mwhen they turned to the microphone, there was no-one prepared for these two to be on-stage, no questions ready and an empty follow-spot on the mic!

You let The Man get you down, The Man wins - I say, Damn The Man.
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Don't let The Man get you down; you do that and The Man wins. I say, Damn The Man. "I cannot lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies."