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Likely Hunger Games panel at SDCC 2014!


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what does it say?

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Variety recently sat down with Tim Palen, the “architect of Lionsgate’s marketing effort” for the films. Although he couldn’t say much about their upcoming plans to promote the newest movie, which is currently filming, he did mention that those plans include SDCC. According to Variety:

    There will be reveals of the campaign in May at the Cannes film festival and in July at Comic-Con.

Of course, this doesn’t completely guarantee a panel at the convention. Last year was the successful franchise’s first panel, but their second time attending Comic-Con. After skipping the con in 2011, in 2012 several of the cast members, including Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen), and Alexander Ludwig (Cato) attended a signing at the Lionsgate booth.

I think this is good news.

The Lionsgate booth was smack in the middle of the floor and their line management could have been improved upon. The line wrapped around the booth sometimes and it would be hard to figure out where the end was. Also, they had us line up outside Ballroom 20 for swag or autographs. When the time arrived they walked you down to the booth in groups - lots of fun.

For the Divergent signing they rotated the cast (people I did not recognize and they did not have name placards in front of them) but I was lucky Maggie Q was switched in right as I got to the table (happy dance).


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