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Hannibal, Saturday, July 11th, 5:00pm-5:45pm, Ballroom 20

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI saw them at the signing on Sunday. I brought my sign as my item instead of the art book so it got them talking about it.
Bryan stood up and gave me a hug for it, and Hugh asked my name and then personalized his signature "To Misha - Thank you! With love, Hugh Dancy xo" which he wasn't doing for anyone else!! And they were verbally thanking me too but it's hard to remember their exact words, stuff like that always just becomes an excited blur in my mind lol

I wish I was better at figuring out the right thing to say in the moment. I should have given my explanation for the signs - that we will all continue to love and support them and the show no matter where it goes. I mean, the signs kinda speak for themselves, but still.
I was gonna go up and say that before my question but yeah the line was already too long by the time I was going to get up. I think that question line process was new this year?? I did't like it.

--- End quote ---

I wasn't a fan of the process either. Last year they said during the panel when it was time to line up for questions and I was like 6th in line; it was much easier. I wish they had given a heads up that things changed. Glad to hear you got in at the signing though! Makes up for it a bit :)

I only saw it in Ballroom 20-they had a line on the right as you face the front, and then send one person at a time to ask their question. I think since it worked that way at every panel I saw in BR20, I thought people were sitting there in the area next to it waiting and jumping in line. Or are you saying people were already in line for Hannibal questions during Outlander? That's not cool.

However-I did like that they had everyone lining up on the side, out of view of the stage. It's always a bummer when you think you have a great seat, only to have the lineup block your view (although at SDCC-they are pretty good about kneeling or sitting until their turn is up, but I know everyone can't physically do that). I try to scout where the lineup will be, so it isn't in my way, but am not always successful. I am not faulting the people lining up at all-I just try to avoid having them in my line of sight.

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