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There are a handful of people in line for Dr. Who on Thursday.

Do you have to start lining up for the Saturday panels once they start taking in people that's lined up already for the Friday panels in Hall H? Or can I start lining up before that? I'm confused?

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You can start lining up as soon as they let people start lining up in the Next Day Line. Exactly when that is, nobody knows.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAnyone know if it's a good idea to start lining up for the Saturday panels in Hall H? I went on the HallHline on Twitter on there are already people in line right now.

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Just curious. Before they let you into the chutes for Friday I have to stand in the NDL to get a wristband first, right? I don't want to find out that SDCC loses control and people end up lining up in the chutes and the NDL out of confusion. The answer seems obvious but nothing happens as planned at sdcc.  Lol. Thx


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