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Kevin Smith panel after Star Wars

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Actually-we went, and it filled in pretty nicely, considering, from what I could tell. His panel has always been a walk-in, as far as I was always told. I think it was only like that at the very beginning. It was an enjoyable panel. One weird thing-there was some guy live tweeting it, but I don't think he was actually at the panel-his tweets did not completely align with what was going on.

He also did a great job moderating the Teen Wolf panel. I was surprised to find that he is a big Teen Wolf fan. Tyler Posey is actually in his new movie. Also-the cast of Teen Wolf gave him a Beacon Hills jersey-it was a cute moment.

I think he will survive. The main reason he is in Hall H is because it's available late (less chance of kiddos being exposed to his raunchiness), and his panels in smaller rooms in the past were impossible to get into.

The nice thing about Kevin is that he will turn it into a great story for his future panels.

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I know he lost some people to the concert (the couple next to me were originally planning on staying at least), but I really don't think the concert impact was that extreme. With Saturday being so jam packed with major panels/signings and with so many people having been in line for so long, the hall was always going to clear out after Star Wars. As it is, I saw a decent chunk of people leaving before the panel even ended so they could go get in line for Saturday H.

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I heard that he took a few people off to a private screening room to show footage of his new film.

I saw Chris Hardwick's Funcomfortable Tour Friday night, and he talked about the Star Wars panel. He said Kevin had texted him earlier that evening and asked "Could you mention my panel to Hall H after the Star Wars panel? I wanna talk about Star Wars and stuff." And Chris Hardwick had to answer... "Ummmmmm..... nooooooooooo."


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