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Me Leonard & chris h went
I do have the last half recorded.....I will try and get it up shortly

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Cool, I left about halfway through.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI wasn't at the talkback but I heard that one suggestion at the talkback from a friend was to give exhibitors wristbands they can't take off for them to get the exhibitor badge privileges of early entry setup and the like. So that booths like funko, hasbro, mattel and etc can check peoples wrists to make sure they're not exhibitors who badge swap with attendees.  Seemed to get some positive feedback from that from what I hear.

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That sounds feasible to me, imo. A lot of suggestions aren't regarding things like hall h. it isn't like they'd lose exhibitors willing to purchase space.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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why not just have security clear everyone from the area 5 minutes before they let the attendees onto the floor, then have caution tape only in the morning when they open the doors leading to funko with staff instructing people on line to go through the leftmost doors to get to funko. pretty sure fans will police the line at that point


i.....can....not....get....the...audio....off MY FLIPPING PHONE!!

<deep breath>

I was an attendant in the ADA line to get into the building on Friday and it was a brutal experience for many.  When 7am rolled around (or somewhere around that time), the main "Everything But H" line whizzed through the doors, up the escalators, and into Sails to get their place in line for a Bandai ticket.  Meanwhile, the ADA "Everything But H" line slogged along at a snails pace, as they only let 5 people in at a time.  The "cycle" for each group of five took what seemed to be 3-4 minutes.  So even though we were fairly close to the door ADA entrance, we got in thirty-five minutes after people were officially allowed into the building.  Needless to say the Bandai line was -- for all intents and purposes -- over.

Perhaps next year the organizers can figure out some way to distribute booth-exclusive tickets downstairs?  Is there even enough room to do this?


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