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lolwatsyk, that is probably the best idea I have read in a long time regarding Hall H.  Simple.  Provides accountability. Reinforces friendship.  Plus it will help JJ order donuts next time.  ;)

The reservation square method for the priority A and B wristbands could work.  The only restriction I'd love is require all members to rejoin the square 4 hours before distribution. 

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I still think that having some type of Hall H registration system prior to the con would work best. Maybe a week before the con starts people with badges/tickets can register for specific Hall H panels on a first-online-first serve basis and then pickup their Hall H passes when they pickup their badges/tickets.

The squares is a neat idea! I think added with wristbands it could cut down on the chaos.

Friday (Star Wars) really seemed to be the worst of it this year though. Friends camped out Wednesday night but when we came to say hi on our way to the general line around 4am, we found them still giving out Group B wristbands.

Saturday night we were in line for wristbands for Sunday for maybe 2 hours. We were Group A. Went back to hotel. Came back at 5 am and we got right up front.

The get a wristband and come back policy really seemed to cut down on the scramble for camping. But, I think whenever you have these huge panels like Star Wars or Marvel, there's just going to be cray no matter what.

Now, if offsites could find a way to cut their lines down from a 2 hour wait for a 1 minute experience, that would be awesome.


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